6 million may lose digital TV reception

Jeff Lehmann jjlehmann@comcast.net
Wed Feb 20 15:41:41 EST 2008

> Cable companies going "all digital" does not affect this at all. The boxes
> still have an analog modulator so they will still work with an analog TV.
> What they are referring to is the box will no longer have analog channels
> meaning more capacity and more HD channel bandwidth. Comcast is one
> company
> that locally has always been giving you the HD channels on your analog
> sets.
> They could shut off the analogs today and their customers would not see a
> difference whether they had a digital or analog TV.

A lot of people pay for cable, but not digital cable, with the digital box.
I have several "cable ready" TVs, which would be useless if Comcast went all
digital, unless I chose to pay extra and get more boxes.

Jeff Lehmann
Hanson, MA

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