An Appreciation of Jess Cain

The Seacoast
Sun Feb 17 18:08:29 EST 2008

Somewhere I around here, I have a cassette of Neil Cannon on 850 playing
Bohemian Rhapsody (edited) on yes, WHDK.


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Donna Halper wrote:
> The music was very soft top-40-- we even edited out guitar bridges in 
> hit songs if they were perceived as too rock and roll sounding.  Very 
> much like what Magic 106.7 would have great success with.
I recall that in the combo booth where the music carts were located, 
there was a section for songs edited for morning use with the same cart 
number but with a "-M" after it. I always figured it was to keep the 
element to around three minutes but I suppose it did serve to soften it up.

Bill O'Neill

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