WBZ's historical signal in Taunton (Was WBZ's historical signal in VT)

Martin Waters martinjwaters@yahoo.com
Sun Feb 17 10:44:42 EST 2008

    How about this: Driving through Taunton at around
11 p.m. in late December, I was getting some
hash/trash signal fading in on WBZ. I forget now how
many miles from Hull that is, although I looked it up.
35 or 40? 

    Again, I don't think it was the HD thing. It
sounded like a murmuring from some idiot station
somewhere. Does Cuba have some rogue signal on 1030, I

    And: Do we figure this will keep escalating until
the former I-A stations' interference-free signals end
at the fences around their antennas?

    You know, equality -- everyone's a Class IV
station now . . . 


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