An Appreciation of Jess Cain

Howard Glazer
Sat Feb 16 17:36:03 EST 2008

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> I suspect that since Jess' audience for years were the parents of the
> boomers that may explain it. As I wrote last night I didn't start
> listening to HDH outside of sports until they changed format around
> 1975.
> That said I now regret the wasted mornings listening to Al Gates and
> Feathers and then Dale Dorman.

Yup, 'HDH was my mom's station of choice in the '60s, especially for school
closings. I preferred Carl DeSuze on 'BZ or, later, Al Gates on 'RKO. In the
summer of '74, Jess was the compromise my dad and I reached for radio
accompaniment for our half-hour drive to dad's office, where I had a summer
job. He'd have preferred WCRB or WBUR, I'd have chosen WRKO or WCOZ. 'HDH
was tolerable, at least, for both of us, and I even found myself enjoying
some of Jess' jokes.

If I recall correctly, sportswriter Tim Horgan did a daily sports commentary
on Jess' show for a while. I don't remember much about it but for my father
vehemently disagreeing nearly every morning!


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