An Appreciation of Jess Cain

Donna Halper
Sat Feb 16 13:15:15 EST 2008

At 12:53 PM 2/16/2008, wrote:
>HDH dropped the MOR format that was heavy with standards and went to a
>more Top 40 sound which was similar to what WBZ did in the 60's. The
>major reason was BZ had morphed into a MOR format.
>Jess was reported to be livid about the move as he hated the music.

But Jess was a professional and the change got WHDH huge 
numbers.  When I got there in 1979 as music director and Assistant 
PD, the station was full-service, with only some music, lots of talk 
and sports and features.  The music was very soft top-40-- we even 
edited out guitar bridges in hit songs if they were perceived as too 
rock and roll sounding.  Very much like what Magic 106.7 would have 
great success with.

What always impressed me about Jess was how he was willing to learn 
from others, even though he himself was a well-respected pro.  He 
sometimes asked me to critique his airchecks-- now, keep in mind, I 
was an experienced jock (13 years in 4 major markets) but I was never 
of the fame or the calibre of Jess.  I can't begin to tell you how 
flattered I was to be asked for my input.  But that's how Jess 
was.  There were also a couple of incidents at WHDH that I'd rather 
not describe on the list, as they were both sexist and 
anti-Semitic.  Jess was one of the people who stood up for me.  I 
never forgot it.    

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