Say what? WNYZ 87.7?

Garrett Wollman
Sat Feb 9 16:26:33 EST 2008

<<On Sat, 9 Feb 2008 10:48:15 -0500, said:

> Is it foreseeable for the FCC to mandate that WNYZ move from channel 6
> to somwhere on the UHF band?

No.  Eventually they will be forced to switch to digital.  The only
things that would "bump" them from channel 6 would be (a) they build
their digital facility on a different channel, or (b) someone gets a
license for a full-power (digital) facility on channel 6 (not likely).

> Or can WNYZ happily coexist with whatever new uses for the spectrum
> are planned for in Manhattan?

I'm not aware of any new uses planned for the channel 6 spectrum
anywhere.  Who wants it, besides a (very) few television stations?

> I still can't fathom how WNYZ was approved being less than 2 miles
> from adjacent WNYW. I am reminded of the problems channel 6 in New
> Bedford had with channel 5. What am I overlooking?

You are overlooking the fact that different rules apply to LPTV.

In the Boston market there is (or was a few years ago) a channel 24
LPTV on FM-128, less than a mile from WFXT on the UHF Candelabra.
This is not at all uncommon.


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