Finneran abandons lobbying attempt

Bob Nelson
Sat Feb 9 09:30:55 EST 2008

WRKO host Tom Finneran was hoping to do some lobbying on the side and had signed up two
potential clients, but there was concern that the former House Speaker had a conflict
of interest with such a situation. Now WRKO has pressured him to abandon the

Apparently Finneran had agreed to consult the station before starting any such effort so
it came as a surprise to them when they heard about his new venture; now, instead of
having the former Speaker consult with them before signing up any clients, WRKO has
squashed the idea of him doing any lobbying at all. It would indeed compromise
his integrity to have clients of that nature while doing a radio show that focuses
on local politics.

Last year, just before his debut, Finneran appeared on Howie Carr's show to promote it.
Carr asked Finneran to swear on a Bible that he wouldn't do any lobbying but
Finneran refused to do so.

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