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On 7 Feb 2008 at 1:53, thomas heathwood wrote:

> For those who have not heard, longtime WBZ veteran, Dick Tucker,
> passed away last week at age 87 in a N.H. nursing home.  It is said
> that the GLOBE will be printing details shortly.  Dick was one of the
> nicest people in the old radio business.     Tom Heathwood     2/7
That's too bad.  I was once on the air with him.  Back in 1953 
(Columbus Day, I think), my father took me to the WBZ studios on 
Soldiers Field Road, where there was a live radio show with a studio 
audience going on, hosted by Dick Tucker.  I also remember seeing 
Lindey Miller, whom I recognized from a local show on Channel 4.  And 
there was a female vocalist named "Marilyn."  At some point, while 
Marilyn was in the audience, with a portable microphone, she saw me 
and must have decided "there's a cute kid" and began singing right at 
me.  I was 8 years old at the time.

So when she finished, Dick Tucker told her to "get that kid's name."  
So she put the microphone in front of me, and I told my name.  Dick 
Tucker asked who that was next to me, a friend?  I answered, "My 
father."  He said, "Well, your father is a friend, isn't he?"  I 

So that was my first time on the radio.

But wait, there's more!  Several years ago, I told that story in this 
forum, and I got an e-mail from Dick Tucker himself.

One of the lousy things about getting older is seeing all those 
important people of an earlier time pass on.

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