Say what? WNYZ 87.7?

Garrett Wollman
Thu Feb 7 16:37:45 EST 2008

<<On Thu, 07 Feb 2008 14:24:38 -0700, "Sid Schweiger" <> said:

> I've been told by people who live in its coverage area that they do
> transmit video.  However, since the rules don't specify that video and
> audio must be in sync, or even relate to each other at all, they can
> transmit any video they want, even if it's just a static picture.

The rules don't even specify that video and audio must be transmitted
at the same time.  I haven't looked, however, to see if the rule
(73.653) actually applies to LPTVs (which are a part 74 service).  It
probably does.

Here's what it actually says, to save people the effort of looking it

	The aural and visual transmitters may be operated
	independently of each other or, if operated simultaneously,
	may be used with different and unrelated program material.
	(47 CFR 73.653, revised as of October 1, 2007)


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