CD 101.9 is gone forever

Roger Kirk
Thu Feb 7 15:10:12 EST 2008

David Tomm wrote:
> Which leads to the final reason for the switch.  The meter.  Arbitron 
> wants to roll out the Personal People Meter in the market later this 
> year to replace diaries.  In the test markets of Philadelphia and 
> Houston, rock stations have done extremely well with the meter.  
> Philadelphia has seen two stations flip to rock based formats in less 
> than a year because of this.  Oldies/Classic hits stations also do 
> well with PPM, which is why WCBS-FM dumped Jack and returned to an 
> updated version of their oldies format not too long ago.
Is this the equivalent of "teaching to the test?"

If a format "does well on the meter" what does this imply?

    * The measurement method (PPM) is biased/flawed?
    * The measurement method (PPM) is more accurate than the diary, but
      broadcasters won't admit it?
    * Stations will program to the meter, not people?

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