Say what? WNYZ 87.7?

Scott Fybush
Thu Feb 7 14:47:14 EST 2008

Kevin Vahey wrote:
> Scott
> Has the FCC given any clue on what will eventually happen to LPTV
> stations in the future. I know they are exempt from the analog
> shutdown for now but for how long past 2009?
> I would think a low powered VHF on Channel 6 adjacent to midtown
> Manhattan could cause a problem down the line.

The FCC has indeed exempted LPTVs from the 2009 deadline, but not 
forever. Best guess right now is that it might be 2011 or 2012. Their 
hand will be forced, eventually, once TV set manufacturers stop 
bothering to put analog tuners in new sets, which will probably happen 
around 2012 when analog cable starts to go away.

So WNYZ-LP in its current form isn't permanent, and I have to believe 
they know that. The "Pulse" programmers don't own the station - they're 
only leasing it from the actual licensee - so if they have a hit on 
their hands at 87.7, they could certainly move it elsewhere on the dial 
to a "real" radio station down the road if need be.


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