CD 101.9 is gone forever

Eli Polonsky
Thu Feb 7 12:37:14 EST 2008

> From:	"Nickolas Noseworthy" <>
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> Date:	Thu, 7 Feb 2008 09:32:37 -0500
> Subject:	CD 101.9 is gone forever
> I just got word from a friend on long island this morning 
> that the wonderful CD101.9 WQCD in NYC has been changed to 
> some morphed out rocker WRXP!? 
> Playing classic rock, alternative, New Music and Local Rock. 
> Right, NYC needs another rock station. CD 101.9 was one of my 
> favorites in Manhatten, and look what they turn it into. 
> Can anyone shed some light as to why this was done?

Probably the usual reason for most format flips. Ratings for
WQCD in the New York market were mediocre and declining, (2.7
12+ in the fall 2007 book down from a 3.3 in the summer), so
they probably believe that this new format will bring better
ratings and revenue. Whether that becomes true or not remains
to be seen.

The new format as WRXP is a rock-heavy version of "AAA" (Adult 
Album Alternative). Unlike Boston, which until very recently 
had two commercial "AAA" stations in the market (WBOS, and the 
remaining one WXRV "The River"), NYC had no commercial "AAA"
station. That format was filled by non-comm WFUV, which is a 
rootsy, folkie "AAA" somewhat like WUMB here. So, there may be 
a niche for harder rock-based "AAA" in NYC. Only time will tell.


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