CD 101.9 is gone forever

Brian Vita
Thu Feb 7 12:05:44 EST 2008

Their website cites declining listenership for the format.  They do trumpet
that they are still carrying the format on their HD2 channel though I expect
it will be the same type of voice tracked "smooth jazz lite" that Magic
106.7-HD2 plays.

CD101.9 tried an ill-fated format tweak a couple of years ago where they
loaded down the format with AC vocals and a lot of "soul" wannabees.  The
listeners revolted and they untweaked it.

As a side note, on the Magic HD-2 channel, it appears that the voice tracks
are permanently tacked to their respective songs.  Although the rotation of
the songs change, I can always count on Ed Cherubino to into "9 Million
Bicycles in Bejing".  I listed to it for about two months and the playlist,
aside from the addition of some Christmas music, really didn't evolve much.

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> I just got word from a friend on long island this morning 
> that the wonderful CD101.9 WQCD in NYC has been changed to 
> some morphed out rocker WRXP!? Playing classic rock, 
> alternative, New Music and Local Rock. Right, NYC needs 
> another rock station. CD 101.9 was one of my favorites in 
> Manhatten, and look what they turn it into. 
> Can anyone shed some light as to why this was done?
> -very unhappy Nick N

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