XM Radio

Bill O'Neill billohno@gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 14:58:59 EST 2008

Bud Hippisley wrote...
> XM Radio Channel 5 is nominally "50s music", channel 6 is "60s", etc.
> They've always promoted the fact that their music channels are
> commercial-free, which is true.  However, they're not blather-free (nor do
> they play only 50s music).  There are some really good hour-long programs on
> Channel 5 <snip>
Sirius 5-6-7 (50s/70s/70s) also have (tracked) jocks that do tend to 
stay pretty much out of the way, IMO.  Barry (Greg Brady) Williams is 
the PM drive jock on 70s - He's got that medium market sound down 'real 
well. Shadoe Stevens is the 'voice' of the 70s channel -- great job.

Now that I've had Sirius for about 8 months, could I go on without it? 
Yes, but terrestrial signals here in Vermont/NY are not giving me much 
reason to let my contract lapse this May.

Bill O'Neill

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