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Bud Hippisley wrote...

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>> The reason for the change? Arbitron's Portable People Meters indicate
>> that as soon as a jock starts talking, listeners bail out.
> Gosh, I wish somebody would tell that to Ken Smith and his jocks on XM
> Channel 5....

Care to elaborate?  What is XM channel 5?

XM Radio Channel 5 is nominally "50s music", channel 6 is "60s", etc.
They've always promoted the fact that their music channels are
commercial-free, which is true.  However, they're not blather-free (nor do
they play only 50s music).  There are some really good hour-long programs on
Channel 5 ("Rockabilly Road Trip" and "Pink & Black Days", to name two) that
exist only because of passion and quality on their outstanding DJs, but
Channel 5 also has a few wanna-be "Wolfman Jack" types plus P.D. Ken Smith
that spend too much "open mic" air time chatting with old cronies who call
in.  I spend $$ to get XM Radio so I can hear the "music of my life" in
reasonably high fidelity, not to listen to a bunch of reprobates over a 1 or
2 kHz wide "tin can" phone line.

Then there's XM Channel 6 -- I'm lukewarm on much of their 60s playlist but
I really enjoy their re-runs of the old Chicken Man ("He's everywhere, he's
everywhere!!!") series at 8:45 a.m. and a few other times during the day!

Living in the middle of nowhere, XM Radio and the North Country Public Radio
individual repeaters in the various neighboring hamlets around here are my
only media contacts with civilization in the "lower 48"; as you can see, my
pleasures are simple ones.... 

Bud Hippisley

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