The future of AM radio

Scott Fybush
Sun Feb 3 12:13:22 EST 2008

Martin Waters wrote:

>     Couldn't WHDH have done better by building on a
> site farther west and/or southwest of the city? That
> way, it should have done better in metro west --
> which, now that it has a substantial population, is
> the major weak spot for every old-line Boston AM
> station except WBZ. 

I'm guessing WHDH was constrained by the old rules that required 25 mV/m 
over the main post office of the city of license. (Compare that to the 
current rules, which require only 5 mV/m over the entire city.)

Under the old rules, stations were quite limited as to how far out of 
town they could go before the signal over downtown became too weak. This 
was less of an issue for WBZ, with its salt-water path from Hull to 
downtown, than for WHDH, with relatively lousy ground conductivity 
between Needham and downtown.


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