The future of AM radio

Larry Weil
Sat Feb 2 15:17:22 EST 2008

At 10:10 AM -0800 2/2/08, Sean Smyth wrote:
>Isn't CBC still available on shortwave?

Radio Canada International carries some CBC programming, but not the 
same as a domestic CBC station would.

>Wouldn't shortwave be an option for those out on the ocean?

Yea, but I don't think RCI has the programming the sailors are 
looking for, like weather forecasts.  And shortwave propagation is 
iffy at best.

>If so, are shortwave receivers that expensive?

Like anything, you can get a cheap one or a good one.  A moderately 
priced portable of reasonable quality would be around $150.
Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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