The future of AM radio

Peter Q. George
Sat Feb 2 11:44:39 EST 2008

I totally agree with you, Doug.  CBA/1070 is an
unusual case.  This signal should be preserved for
situations like the commercial fishermen and boaters
who depend on that strong AM signal that covers the
entire Maritime Provinces like a glove.  FM requires
multiple transmitters and is basically useless to the
ships at sea.  And of course, much of Maritime
Canada's economy is maritime based.  I really don't
think that CBC would lose much in keeping the 1070
signal on the air.  The CRTC should consider this to
be a special circumstance and should allow the 1070
operation to continue as well as the new FM service. 
Plus the fact, people in far flung locations truly
enjoy the programming of CBC Radio One on 1070 from
Moncton, even here in the States.

--- Doug Drown <> wrote:

> As for CBC in the Maritimes, I know that one new FM
> is being constructed in
> P.E.I. to compensate for the loss of 1070 AM in
> Moncton.  But one of the
> complaints I heard about, early on, was from
> commercial fishermen and other
> boaters who were very dependent upon 1070 for
> weather information while out
> on the sea.  I don't know the CBC plans to address
> that.
> I agree: this was a silly idea.
> -Doug
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> > This is a two part question that I have been
> pondering.
> >
> > 1. In Canada the AM band outside of the major
> population areas is
> > becoming extinct. What exactly does the CRTC plan
> to do with the
> > unused spectrum? On a related matter would the
> CRTC be open to
> > allowing non-Canadian signals to readust
> protection patterns for
> > stations that no longer exist. Prime example would
> be WEEI who no
> > longer should worry about the former CKVL.
> >
> > 2. Could we ever see the FCC do the same thing in
> the US outside major
> markets?
> >
> > I have never understood why the CBC and CRTC
> wanted the national
> > service off AM. The expense of providing full FM
> coverage has to be
> > astronomical given the land area involved. Why
> eliminate the blowtorch
> > AM signals that could fill in the gaps especially
> at night. Will the
> > Maritimes have full service when 1070 goes silent?

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Whitman, Massachusetts
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