The future of AM radio

Kevin Vahey
Fri Feb 1 22:00:34 EST 2008

On Feb 1, 2008 9:33 PM, Garrett Wollman <> wrote:

> The evidence is that they are perfectly prepared to license new,
> technically feasible AM stations (as witness 740 Toronto, 1040
> Montreal, 1580 in two different cities, 1610 Montreal, and others)
> provided the owners meet their usual requirements of not taking
> advertising revenue away from existing stations and playing at least
> 35% Canadian content.

How exactly is this enforced?

For example when CINW took over the slot that CBM once occupied were
they given an exemption since the station was the former CIQC (CFCF)

I know that when the station first signed on they wanted to do the
Expos in both English and French (690) but the CRTC said no they had
to be news only. However in the past few years they have been running
some talk shows now and becoming an equal to CJAD with the remaining
anglophone population.

> > Prime example would be WEEI who no longer should worry about the
> > former CKVL.
> WEEI doesn't protect ex-CKVL except by the historical accident that
> WEEI's deep null towards KOA made it possible to drop in half a dozen
> 850s between Boston and Denver.

In theory couldn't the pattern be tweaked to allow the signal to
continue north while not in any way be beamed to the west and
southwest?  I do know WEEI booms into Quebec City at night.

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