"La Voz de Fey" Dealth Fatal Blow (Bi-lingual Pun)

Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Fri Feb 1 16:34:27 EST 2008

For several years, an unlicensed broadcaster called in Spanish "La Voz de Fey" has been 
broadcasting from a hill overlooking downtown Lawrence, MA on 99.9 FM.  (It seems that
the 99.9 frequency in Lawrence draws unlicensed radio stations the way Olduvai Gorge 
attracts members of the Leakey family). However, the FCC ultimately assigned channel
260 to a "religious" broadcaster to use as a translator (in this case, the source is WMSJ-FM
89.3 in Freeport, ME).  Although licensed to Lawrence, apparently the antenna is at the AM 1490
or FM 92.5 tower in Haverhill.  Now W260AS is actually on-the-air and is obliterating the
'Voz de fey' only a short distance from that station's  location.  Unless it finds another
frequency (93.3, once assigned as a translator for WBOS-FM?), "La Voz's" voice may be stilled.

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