The Hawk broken up! Maybe a new 'EEI simulcast?

David Tomm
Sat Aug 23 21:20:28 EDT 2008

Since this came down very quickly, it sounds like Vox simply plugged  
in an Ipod or PC with the songs along with a continuously looping CD  
that gives the calls once an hour over whatever is playing.  It's  
crude, but it works until they can figure out what to do with the  

I would not be surprised to see 102.3 eventually go with some sort of  
automation friendly talk format.  This way they could avoid having to  
pay ASCAP and BMI fees from a music format while not having to hire  
much of a staff.   That is, if they have any interest in owning the  
station at all.  If not, I wouldn't be surprised to see Entercom  
swoop in and buy it outright just to put WEEI on it.

-Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On Aug 23, 2008, at 2:35 PM, Paul Hopfgarten wrote:

> OK, maybe they (Vox) should LMA to Entercom then....
> -Paul Hopfgarten
> -Derry NH
>> On Sat, 8/23/08, Paul Hopfgarten <> wrote:
>>> WWHK/WWHQ (102.3 Concord NH/101.5 Merideth NH) have split.
>>> WWHQ 101.5 retains the "Hawk" name and liners and
>>> jocks
>>> WWHK 102.3 is playing different songs (still Rock) with no
>>> DJs, no Liners and the TOH Id was actually over the middle
>>> of a song. There's a 2-3 second dead air break between
>>> each song.
>>> Clearly 102.3 is changing formats. Although Nassua's
>>> original deal w/ Entercom last winter fell through, I have
>>> to believe that perhaps a separate deal was made with just
>>> the 102.3 Concord signal.
>> No inside scoop, except for Mr. Fybush's take on the FCC stepping in:

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