Atlantic Coast Radio Changes Confirmed

Chuck Igo
Tue Aug 19 19:29:07 EDT 2008

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>I should have noted that I am told that WEEI had JJ in a box.  They were
>going to put WEEI programming and the Sox on another station in the market
>if JJ did not put WEEI on the air in Maine.
>  (Snip)

not to start an argument with the counselor from Bowdoinham, but I heard
directly from management sources at other stations in town that the Sox were
in no way part of the deal.  Matter of fact and a specific example - even if
Saga took the WEEI package, the Sox were NOT part of it (i was told that
Saga at least asked about the Sox).  So, the better speculation is that WEEI
ran out of options and maybe made JJ an offer that made the whole thing
worthwhile.  WEEI will be able to garner some signifcant national ad dollars
by selling their network avails as Network with a broader possible range of
coverage and reach of people.  Yes - the package comes with network
commericals as part of it - and the stations airing the WEEI thing still get
to pay for the programming, too. lucky folks.
  while not being a fan of putting one's eggs in one basket, it is a lot
easier than pushing a dozen carts around the supermarket (or something like
that).  maybe the best way to beat your nearest competition is to BE your
nearest competition.  there could be people who "don't like" the WJAB
programming and will listen to the WEEI programming for spite or whatever,
and thereby still doing JJ a solid.  (note: JJ is a great radio guy!)

--Chuck Igo

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