Larry Glick, "The Commander" I presume!

Mon Aug 18 13:55:59 EDT 2008

And his show was fun on the puny 1510 nighttime signal that had
trouble making it across the Charles into Cambridge because it was
surrounded by the monster skywaves from WTOP and WKBW. Now, maybe the
reason that the WMEX version was so much fun was because of its
newness. By the time Larry got to WHDH, the audience was familiar with
his schtick and he might have needed the calls from S Carolina and W
Virginia et al to make it all seem worthwhile. I don't know if that
explains why the move from WBZ to WHDH kind of let the air out of the
show, but I think that whatever the real reason was it was more than
just the loss of the national audience.

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> At 01:16 PM 8/18/2008, Peter Q. George wrote:
>>"The Commander" was the GREATEST overnight personality bar none!  I
>>was a "Glick-nick" as far back as 1970 (when I was 10 years old).
>>Yes, it was true that when Larry went over to 'HDH, his show on 850
>>was a pale comparison to the 'BZ overnight fest.  It just wasn't the
> He started at WMEX of course, circa 1965.  Even got written up in
> Time magazine!

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