Larry Glick, "The Commander" I presume!

Peter Q. George
Mon Aug 18 13:16:17 EDT 2008

"The Commander" was the GREATEST overnight personality bar none!  I was a "Glick-nick" as far back as 1970 (when I was 10 years old).  Yes, it was true that when Larry went over to 'HDH, his show on 850 was a pale comparison to the 'BZ overnight fest.  It just wasn't the same..... Having those 50,000 watts (100,000 watts ERP) of WBZ to cover at least 38 states and Canada brought some of the most "interesting" callers around the country to call in and join in the fun.  My wife's late Grandmother used to listen to Larry on WBZ way up in Lake Placid, NY every night until he went over to 'HDH.  All my friends in high school listened to Larry on a regular basis back in the 70's.  Larry was one of US!  He was fun to listen to! Even when you felt down.... you knew that The Commander was there to pick your spirits up.  My late Mom was also a "Glick-nick" too.  I saw a lot of those deep purple "Glick University" tee shirts all around the place at Randolph High
 School, way back in the day!  I wish I still had one!

I used to love it when he "shot people off the air"!  254-5678! 

Peter Q. George (K1XRB)
Whitman, Massachusetts
"Scanning the bands since 1967"

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> To: "Jack Marshall" <>,
> Date: Saturday, August 16, 2008, 8:08 PM
> I loved Glick on WBZ.  When I think back on it now, the show
> was pretty 
> silly.  But Larry was such a great personality and made the
> show joyful.
> When he moved to middays at WHDH, there was something
> missing.  It just 
> wasn't the same.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine


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