"Left, right, whatever" talk station gone in D.C.

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Mon Aug 11 17:04:43 EDT 2008

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>WTOP is already on 103.5, the former classical WGMS, one of the 
>best FM's in the market, along with 103.9 and now will get 107.7 
>as well. They will be heard throughout the market and then some. 
>1500 is not needed anymore. That signal will now simulcast the 
>Federal News Radio format on 830. 3WT was never really given much 
>of a chance. After "Washington Post Radio" folded, Bonneville 
>simply put a smattering of various syndicated offerings on with 
>little promotion or marketing. It was doomed to fail.
>-Dave Tomm
>"Mike Thomas"

Talk-show host Stephanie Miller's home page at stephaniemiller.com announces 
that 3WT AM&FM is adding one more hour of her show to the schedule.  Looks
as though her syndicator will have to find a new outlet in DC...maybe while
they're at it, the could work on Boston. (End the Finnerator at 9:00 and
give Reese Hopkins a bus ticket back to NYC? If CCU converts WKOX-AM to 
right-wing talk after the upgrade to monetize its investment in Sean Hannity
and Rush, it could happen, along with Ed Schultz noon-till-three;  Howie 
would love that!) 

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