Is What Anne Korin Said True?

Laurence Glavin
Sat Aug 9 16:24:28 EDT 2008

A few days ago I was watching an energy expert named Anne Korin speak on
C-Span.  She is an advocate of requiring all autos sold in the U.S. to
be flex-fuel vehicles.  This would require government regulation, but 
she also advocates a libertarian-oriented point-of-view otherwise.  So 
she mentioned that it's ok for the government to require that all
autos have seat belts, air bags, and FM radios.  The audience seemed 
amused by this, so she repeated that yes, the Feds require FM radios in
cars for national security reasons.  If the government does in fact
require radios in cars for that reason, I would have instinctively assumed
that the bare minimum requirement would be for an AM tuner because we've 
had a decades-long infrastructure allowing very powerful transmitters for
this purpose, and for all its faults, AM offers long-wave ground propagation
as well as nighttime skywave.  So I was wondering if there's a chapter-and-verse
stating this.  Here's a Youtube URL containing this statement:  it's about
seven minutes in.

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