CBS Selling off 50 Stations

Tue Aug 5 10:03:32 EDT 2008

Gowdy DID own an AM in WY for a number of years, but I'm pretty sure
that it was not in Jackson, which is in the Grand Teton's, south of
Yellowstone National Park, all the way on the western side of the
state. The call sign of Gowdy's Wyoming station was, I believe, KOWB
(for cowboy). I don't think KOWB was in Cheyenne, which is Wyoming's
largest city (still not a very large city, however). It might have
been in Casper, which is probably Wyoming's second largest city.
Casper is now home to KTWO, 1030, Wyoming's only 50 kW AM. KTWO spent
many years on 1470 before the FCC broke down the former IA clear
channels in the '60s, I believe.

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Perhaps he owned the station at one time?

>>Curt Gowdy's home state?<<

...and, I believe, his home city. That'd be my guess, but I don't know
for sure.

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