CBS Selling off 50 Stations

Aaron Read
Mon Aug 4 09:54:07 EDT 2008

Those numbers could conceivably be "cheap" enough to put them within the 
reach of WSHU or Connecticut Public Radio, via a loan from Public Radio 
Capital.  Especially WZMX, which would be a coveted property by either 
entity since it's centrally located and covers most of CT pretty well.

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WRCH - $50,000,000
WTIC FM - $27,000,000
WTIC AM - $18,000,000
WZMX FM - $15,000,000

$110,000,000 for approx. $10,000,000 in BCF.

Not exactly a fire sale, but it's clear to see why radio stocks continue 
to take a beating in public trading.

As for WURH, I think they  - Bain & Lee through the Aloha Trust - will 
try to sell that as a stick to a Spanish operator as the sole member of 
the Trust is a woman who was the CFO for Entravision for some time and 
she is well versed in Spanish format radio.  David Tomm hit the nail on 
the head in his response.


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