CBS Selling off 50 Stations

Alan Tolz
Mon Aug 4 00:39:04 EDT 2008

>Just wondering is Entercom would go into Hartford and >possibly makeWTIC 
>part of the EEI network

IMO, based on the historical difficulty CBS and Clear Channel have had 
monetizing urban ratings in Hartford, and Entercom's recent history of 
moving toward FM with WEEI programming , they would be better served taking 
93.7 and making it part of the WEEI network.

WTIC AM would likely morph into a "WRKO south" from 10 AM forward and on 
weekends.  They could actually do Hartford a service by upgrading the 
morning drive to a BZ type news format, but that is expensive and given 
their history, I woukdn't bet on it.
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> Just wondering is Entercom would go into Hartford and possibly make
> WTIC part of the EEI network.
> Entercom has a history of buying what CBS no longer wants.
> That said would they then blow up WTIC and make it all sports? I would
> not bet against it as they could bill well in CT and just need a sales
> staff in Hartford.
> It would then give WEEI statewide coverage in CT that the 2 FM's can't.

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