catch of a lifetme

Sat Aug 2 14:47:22 EDT 2008

The great-circle distance from KENI to WRKO is 3355 miles! That's like
TA distances but more difficult because the path from Alaska to Mass
is over land. I suppose it could still be two hops, though; the soil
conductivity at the midpoint of the path (somewhere in SK?) is quite
high. Doesn't high conductivity at the reflection point make for a
low-loss reflection?

BTW, I just noted on the NRC DX list that a number of Alaskans (KENI
not mentioned) were reported strong last night along the Oregon coast.
I suppose this is auroral activity, but I don't really know what I'm
talking about.

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> This morning I was trying to listen to WFAN and it was being
> splattered by a station on 650.
> I tuned in 650 and almost drove off Rte 3 when I got the ID
> at 7 am it was coming in like a local in Burlington

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