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Rick Levy
Fri Aug 1 20:25:24 EDT 2008

At 11:46 PM 7/31/2008, A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>Now here's a disgusting idea:
>"In any case," Maariv added, "since Obama is not a Jew, publishing
>the note does not constitute an infringement on his right to

Shame on them.  That is NOT what the Bible says, and deep down, they
know it.  Like people of all religions who are doing something
hypocritical, they are seeking an excuse, and using their own version
of scripture to give themselves a free pass.  It's reminiscent of
when a criminal says it was his bad childhood that made him do
whatever so he can't be blamed for it.
Part 1

Click on the link I provided
< >, and you will
find Talkback comments at the foot of the page (82 comments at last count).
The very first of these addresses this same "disgusting idea", nicely
confirming the reactions of A. Joseph Ross and Donna Halper (and mine):

1. Obama's Note
"Since he isn't Jewish it is not an infringement on his privacy." What is
this quote from Maariv supposed to mean!? Unless there is some kind of
misquote, this statement is utter foolishness! Jews are obligated to treat
non-Jews with proper middot!
Rabbi N. Melamed, USA (29/07/08) <<

("Middot" may be translated as manners, principles, virtues or values.)

Part 2

Donna, I understood the intent of your original question and was not trying
to divert the discussion into the pros and cons of Obama.  That you
apparently missed the point of my post is not surprising, as I failed to
make it explicit.  My point was that if this newspaper was given the prayer
directly and intentionally by the campaign, then they were not publishing
anything private.  In that case, that incident is no longer a good example.
However, your question stands on its own merits and can be addressed quite
well independently of that particular incident.


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