WKOX on the air from Newton?

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Fri Aug 1 08:32:13 EDT 2008

This would seem to be a very easy matter to resolve if one has access 
to a typical transistor AM radio containing a ferrite rod (loopstick) 

You place the radio on a clear table away from wiring and metallic 
objects and turn it until a null or obviously-diminished signal 
results.  For very strong stations, you may have to tune a bit off 
frequency and detect the splatter instead of regular audio.

WBIX-1060 and Framingham 1200 would null at about the same radio 
position.  WRCA-1330 / WUNR-1600 / Newton 1200 would null at a 
different position for many of us.  The angular spread between Newton 
and Framingham transmitter site bearings from the Arlington Heights / 
Lexington area should be significant, over 45 degrees.

Enthusiasts who have access to an outboard box loop antenna and 
well-shielded communications receiver can get very precise bearings.  
In the '60s and '70s, Gordon Nelson (WA1UXQ) of Watertown used a "FET 
altazimuth loop" to get direction fixes accurate to a couple of degrees 
or better on groundwave and nearly as good on distant low-angle skywave 
from European AM stations.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA

Another data point: August sunrise (5:45AM) just passed and if there
was a pattern change, it was either undetectable or it was all in my
imagination. So there are two possible explanations for what we are
hearing: WKOX is still operating from Mt Wayte but failed to switch to
night pattern/power last night (and, if so, this was the first time I
ever caught such a lapse on WKOX). OR WKOX IS operating from Newton
but is running its day pattern at reduced power. The reduced power
(usually 25% of the power specified in the CP) is an almost universal
requirement for new or upgraded directional AMs until proofs of
performance are on file. Since WKOX will use the same D and N powers
at the Newton site and neither Newton pattern could yet have
been adjusted and the two patterns are similar except for the
considerably greater radiation to the west by day, I can imagine that
the FCC might permit the use of the day pattern at reduced power at
night at this stage of commissioning of the Newton site.

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