Topozone change

Ric Werme
Wed Apr 23 20:22:40 EDT 2008

> has been acquired by,
> sometime since 3-31-08.

I noticed that a couple weeks ago, they were very handy for
geocaching, haven't checked out the new offerings yet.  I always
expected them to just disappear one day.

> For anyone using USGS maps online on a low volume basis,
> this is disturbing. 
> Free access is no longer available.

> "for full access, login or begin your free 14 day trial"
> with cost of $50 annual.

That's a bit pricy.  DeLorme and National Geographic offer
scanned maps and Delorme has digital maps which work well with
their PN-20 GPS receiver.  (Note - the maps are good, the user
interface and software performance are not.)

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