Topozone change

Robert F. Sutherland
Tue Apr 22 12:00:36 EDT 2008 has been acquired by,
sometime since 3-31-08.
For anyone using USGS maps online on a low volume basis,
this is disturbing. 
Free access is no longer available.

"for full access, login or begin your free 14 day trial"
with cost of $50 annual.
Attempts at viewing sections of USGS maps
 are overlaid with a "watermark"  ( logo)
 which obscures map data.

Preliminary functional checkout:
- viewmaps page layout sompletely revised, no longer has entry of coords.
- no target marker (red cross)
- no longer can control scale/view-size? 
- maps appearence is different (color, "shaded"(shadows?)) then Topozone 
- coords displayed in decimal only, not ddmmss.     tho search by coords
can be by UTM, or DDMMSS
- no NAD27 / NAD83 switch?
- renewed must use minus sign for west longitude.
- can't search for coords by city??    
     (must go by state, then county, then populated place or post office
     (...if you know which county???)   
      and what of places of multiple PO's ie Boston?
- Canada topos    are not included,    were in Topozone   (tested Orillia,

  1 new good feature:  you can search for radio towers by state, county,
then (feature) call letters! 

Bob Sutherland

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