Scaled Back Boston Marathon Coverage On WBZ Radio

Mark Watson
Mon Apr 21 17:12:11 EDT 2008

  I noticed that WBZ radio did not have the "wire to wire" Boston Marathon 
coverage today as they have done in past years. This year they stayed pretty 
much in regular format, with race updates in between the regular format 
elements. They did have live calls of the finishes of the wheelchair, 
women's & men's divisions however. I did not tune in till after 10:30, so I 
don't know if they did a live call of the start of the race. And the live 
finish calls were handled by Mark Kattic (sp?) and not Gil Santos, who had 
anchored the "wire to wire" coverage in the past. Could the scaled back 
coverage be an economic move, or a programming decision to stick with the 
regular format, save for the updates and coverage of the finishes?

  For what it's worth, on WCVB's 5PM news, the Marathon was the fifth story 

Mark Watson 

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