Cain to be inducted into Radio Hall of Fame

Chuck Igo
Wed Apr 16 16:14:23 EDT 2008

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From: "Bob Nelson" <>

Jess Cain is a posthumous inductee into the Radio Hall of Fame, while 
Boston's Howie Carr
is a nominee for a regional award <<

'Bout dang time that Jess got some well-deserved recognition.  Too bad it 
came a little too late.

But Howie?  I'm puzzled - not that he might not be deserving at some point.

How about Dale Dorman?  JJ Wright?  Matty?  Loren and Wally?  Nancy Quill? 
David Allen Boucher?  You know - folks who have been at this radio thing a 
whole lot longer, and have been doing so on the same frequency and in the 
same time-slot since the First Regan administration.

Anyone know the criteria for nomination?

This is me saluting Jess!  And a tip of the cap to Howie.

Chuck Igo 

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