Boston-Radio-Interest Digest, Vol 12, Issue 182
Mon Apr 14 12:25:10 EDT 2008

Down here in Florida where I live is football & NASCAR

I bet phone lit up right away from the delayed entry into
the Neck-car event, and I can guarantee that up north the
switchboard lit up when they cut away from the Sox....

"Can't please any of them, any of the time"...

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>> >After a two hour rain delay, Jonathan Papelbon comes on
>> >to shut down the Yankees. There are two outs in
>> >the top of the ninth, Sox up by one--and suddenly the
>> >picture on Fox switches to NASCAR auto racing.
>> >
>> >The announcer informs viewers after a minute or two that
>> >the end of the Red Sox-Yankees game is
>> >on "our sister network, FX". Viewers fumble for their
>> >remotes (apparently Fox didn't consider a
>> >split screen?) and try to figure out where the heck FX
>> Why didn't FOX simply use a split screen format, and
>> broadcast both events at the same time?
>Fear of being in violation of the contract with NASCAR? We
>know that Fox had an obligation to carry the race from its
>start on the over-the-air network; perhaps language about
>split screens was written in.
>BTW, I heard a caller on Fox Sports Radio (via XM)
>yesterday who was upset for a different reason. He
>identified himself as a NASCAR fan and a patriotic American
>who had missed hearing the anthem and seeing the fighter
>jets zooming over the track -- which Fox usually covers in
>loving detail at every NASCAR race. He was outraged that
>Fox would pre-empt this important part of the NASCAR
>experience for baseball!

"This message will self destruct in 15 seconds...."

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