NASCAR trumps end of Sox-Yanks

Bob Nelson
Sat Apr 12 23:51:11 EDT 2008

In recent baseball playoffs there were situations like this:

Game A (1 pm start) is on WTBS and is running late. Game B (4 pm start) is supposed to also run on WTBS. During Game A,
they announce that the start of Game B will be on their sister station, TNT. Once Game A
ends, Game B moves to WTBS.

But this is a different situation: it involves the END of a game. 
NASCAR must have a lot of pull (and a contract stipulation). It could have been,
"We will go to the NASCAR here on Fox when this game ends but you can see the start of
the race right now on FX". That didn't happen. The abruptness of the switch--
no announcement saying, "We will now go to the NASCAR race but you can see
the end of this game on FX" just before the flip--indicates that NASCAR may have volunteered to delay
the start of its race a few minutes...but then they got restless and ordered Fox to 
pick up the start of its race, and NOW.

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