NASCAR trumps end of Sox-Yanks

A. Joseph Ross
Sat Apr 12 23:40:22 EDT 2008

On 12 Apr 2008 at 20:27, Bob Nelson wrote:

> The announcer informs viewers after a minute or two that the end of
> the Red Sox-Yankees game is on "our sister network, FX". Viewers
> fumble for their remotes (apparently Fox didn't consider a split
> screen?) and try to figure out where the heck FX is. Those without
> cable realize they are missing the end of an exciting game and where
> the heck is that radio (assuming they live within range of a Red Sox
> or Yankees radio network station)
> Forget that football game--we now proudly present "Heidi":
According to the Wikipedia article, NFL contracts with the networks 
now require the game to be carried in full no matter what.  I'm 
awfully surprised if MLB contracts don't contain a similar provision.

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