(Fwd) Re: AC Hum problem

A. Joseph Ross joe@attorneyross.com
Thu Apr 10 00:48:11 EDT 2008

On 8 Apr 2008 at 2:57, thomas heathwood wrote:

> Hi Joe-  Sounds to me like the "combination" patch cord you have may
> be the problem.  The phone plug from your stereo to an extension to
> another patch cord that terminates in a mini plug sounds suspicious
> to me.  Adapting from different "extension" formats can give one
> headaches.   Try U DO IT or RADIO SHACK for a sindle extension that
> starts with a male phone plug and ends with a male mini-plug. Tom
> Heathwood   4/9/08

That's where I got my patch cords.  There's no single patch cord 
that's as long as I need with the right plugs.  But I don't really 
think the patch cords are the problem, or I could have affected it by 
all the jiggling I did.  I've been given a lot of other things to 
try, and as soon as I can get some time, I'm going to try them.  And 
thanks to everyone who's been so helpful.   

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