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Mon Apr 7 16:52:13 EDT 2008

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> I believe that 1190 in Annapolis is dark and that the CP to move it
> to the WWLG 1360 six-tower night site (geographically, the former
> WCBM 680 four-tower site, slightly northWEST of Baltimore) has been
> turned in.

You are probably correct.

> The owners of the Annapolis station also own WAGE 1200 in Leesburg 
> VA, which they want to upgrade to 50 kW-D (and I'm not sure what, if 
> anything, at night).

1.3 kW, from the old site IIRC.

> I believe that the 1190 station, with its Baltimore coverage, is
> being sacrificed to enable the upgrade of WAGE, which, with the
> higher daytime power, will become a DC rimshot (by day, anyhow).

I suppose they feel that the high-income Loudoun and Fairfax counties
are worth the Baltimore sacrifice. They'll probably be good in
Montgomery Co, MD, as well.  All daytime, no significant increased
coverage at night has been proposed AFAIK. Maybe they will try for more
night power once the day is on.

bob c.

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