KGA night app

Garrett Wollman
Sun Apr 6 21:43:34 EDT 2008

<<On Sun, 6 Apr 2008 21:38:15 -0400, "Robert F. Sutherland" <> said:

> guess I need some education - I look via AM Query,
> then under CDBS, "Application Info",  but there's no technical exhibits.  
> including in "View Correspondence Folder"
> help?   (not to interfere with your trip)

Use the "application search" and search for KGA.  The very first
application listed is BP-20070905AAK, which was filed electronically.
In the rightmost column, there are two links, "Info" and "Details".
"Info" is usually uninformative.  For e-filed applications, the
"Application" link shows you the actual FCC form which was filed,
including any attachments or other technical exhibits (scroll all the
way down to the bottom).  For KGA, the interesting one is Attachment
11, which is labeled "KGA Exhibit 11, Form 301$III-A, 08/30/07", which
justifies the proposal in detail.


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