[B-R-I] Re: WTAG now on FM

Kaimbridge M. GoldChild Kaimbridge@gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 15:32:21 EDT 2008

Jeff Lehmann wrote,

 >>  I was suffing the FM dial and found WTAG Worcester on 94.9
 > This is W235AV, which was translating WJMN for the past few months.

Ahhh, so THAT's what's going on!  I've noted 'JMN mixing in under
WHOM a few times, but thought it was some image/spur from 94.5
(like once several years ago, IIRC, for a few minutes 98.5 was coming 
in on 98.1 and 98.7).
BTW, it *seems* 'HOM has been somewhat weaker than normal (???——at
least at certain spots around the house) lately, even without W235AV


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