Channel 4 Marathon coverage

Donald A.
Thu Apr 3 21:52:41 EDT 2008

--- Dan Billings <> wrote:

> I've never understood how Bob Lobel lasted in Boston
> to begin with.  What am 
> I missing?


Well, if I remember correctly, Bob Lobel could make
sports interesting for the non-sports fan (women?) and
yet still had the respect of the die-hards.  He had a
good sense of humor and had such good chemistry with
Liz Walker for all those years.  I think he had a
lighthearted good natured way about him that endeared
him to many.  Plus that "boy next door" looks.  That's
my $.02   

I think that thought gets expressed whenever someone
gets entrenched into a market for a long time like
Lobel.  There are new people, new generation,
etc...that don't feel the same connection with the
legendary host.  I always felt this with Dave Maynard
and Carl Desuze.  I never understood their appeal.

I remember when I lived in Hartford, people told me
Bob Steele on WTIC was the big morning show in
Hartford.  I couldn't wait to listen....but my
response was...."huh"?  Anyone else ever hear him? 
This is a guy who announced the antenna pattern
change!  And got a 20 share!

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