Lobel , Kulhawik all done at Channel 4

David Tomm nostaticatall@charter.net
Wed Apr 2 13:22:03 EDT 2008

If there is anytime for an FM sports talker to emerge, it's this  
year.  Lobel is just one of many people who are in flux right now.   
The Globe and Herald are trimming staff as well, and even existing  
sportswriters at both papers have media gigs on the side.  There is  
plenty of local talent out there.  With the Score in Providence  
flipping formats last month, there are even behind the scenes people  

The big prize is Glenn Ordway.  He is set to make an obscene amount  
of money when his contract expires later this year.  Unless Entercom  
is really stupid, they better be prepared to pay him much more than  
they're paying Howie Carr, because someone out there will.  I find it  
interesting that in recent months, WEEI has locked down much of their  
talent to multi-year deals.  D&C, Michael Holley, Dale Arnold and  
Pete Sheppard all have new contracts.  Plus, they are rapidly trying  
to add affiliates for their "sportsradio network" to increase their  
regional profile.  Do they think Ordway will stay if they can spread  
the WEEI brand throughout New England?

If Entercom decides to play hardball with Ordway, I could easily see  
WBCN making the flip.  If they were to bring in the Big O, you could  
see a lineup of O&A, followed by Lobel (paired up with someone),  
another local show, Ordway in PM drive and a local show at night.   
They already have the Pats, and the Bruins can come over from WBZ.   
When/If WAMG finally flames out, they could bring in the ESPN  
affiliation for overnights and fringe weekend hours, and maybe put  
Mike Felger on early afternoons or nights.  A formidable competitor  
to WEEI on FM could be put together in short order.  This may not be  
the greatest time for CBS/Boston to be investing sizable capital into  
content, but the payoff could be huge in the long run.

-Dave Tomm
"Mike Thomas"

On Apr 2, 2008, at 12:14 PM, Chuck Igo wrote:

> this me (here) drinking to that (urp!)
>> Kevin Vahey wrote:
>>> I sense we will hear Lobel a lot on radio in short order.
>> Ah, yes, radio.  Always there after the TV door swings against  
>> one's backside after contract sunset.  Here's to those radio pros  
>> who have plugged along as loyal minions of the craft!

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