Gene Jones/Ray Dory/Jess Cain/Park Squares

Sonny Daye
Wed Apr 2 12:39:52 EDT 2008

I can fill in a few facts here.
I believe Gene Jones also played saxophone.
Before Jess joined Ray Dory, there was the Pat & Ray Show. Pat (vocalist) is
a friend of mine. She's retired and living in Florida.

<<<Wasn't there a musician by the name of Ken Greene (pianist, organist) on
WHDH? >>>

There was a duo for many years on 'HDH. Ken Wilson (organ) and Bill Greene
(piano). Their (15 minute?) taped segments were heard in the evening around
dinnertime. Bill passed away a few years ago.

<<<Did he have a group called thePark Squares? >>>

The only surviving member of the Park Squares is guitarist Don Alessi. GREAT
musician, still playing. I worked with him not too long ago.
Those were the days of LIVE MUSIC on the radio and TV! Broadcasters weren't
allowed to play records. When the musician's union lost that battle, it
changed the face of the music business forever (and lined the pockets of the
station owners).

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By the time I arrived in Boston (summer of '56), I'm pretty sure that
Tom Russell had taken over the MC duties on the WEEI (590) AM-drive
show. Carl Moore and the live music were still on with him, though
(just as Jess Cain on rival WHDH (850) co-hosted for the better part
of a year with the previous morning host, Ray Dory; their show was
called Dory and Cain). I believe that in that era, Moore also had his
own show (also with live music) on WEEI (maybe in the noon to 1:00PM
hour). I think maybe the live music ended first on WEEI and continued
for several more years on WHDH. Wasn't there a musician by the name of
Ken Greene (pianist, organist) on WHDH? Did he have a group called the
Park Squares? Seems to me that he might have had a program in the
6:00PM hour.

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