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Wed Apr 2 12:09:35 EDT 2008

Thanks to Dan for the additional memories of early morning radio of the 40's/50's.  On The BOB & RAY Show, the original organ and piano duo was
Ken Wilson and Bill Green.  They did do a local lounge act as  "The Park Squares" indicating the general location of the nightclub.  Ken & Bill also 
had their own daily music show on WHDH.  When Bob & Ray moved on to NBC in 1951, Ken & Bill were not invited to join them, so continued on at WHDH for sometime afterwards. They were very skilled musicians and could play just about any genre of music imaginable.  In addition, they provided the musical backdrops and "sound effects" for all the Bob & Ray skits on the MATINEE With Bob & Ray Show. What talent we had in those days in
Boston!  Many years later, I was fortunate to find dozens and dozens of old 16" transcriptions of the MATINEE WITH BOB & RAY SHOW that had been stored in a huge green metal vault in the basement of the old WHDH AM transmiitter in Needham. I also recovered JFK news "actualities" and radio briefs of the first era of space travel, which had sat in their dusty "grave" for many a year!  Some ET's of other early WHDH program features
I also found.  I got permissioin from Bob & Ray, and meticulously re-recorded all the available programs from the old disintegrating transcriptions to
1/4 inch dull track dubs on an AMPEX 601. All of these recordings are still intact, although others have copied the disks for commercial purposes.
Copies of the JFK material were given to the JFK Library and are displayed/available there.      Tom Heathwood      4/2

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