It's Official: WPEP-AM Defunct

r j carpenter
Sun Oct 28 07:39:49 EDT 2007

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
 > The reason is WNSH's incredibly low antenna efficiency.
 > The low efficiency is a consequence of the very short (albeit
 > top-loaded) tower AND perhaps the worst ground system in the US.
 > Because the tower is built on solid rock, it was (as described in
 > WNSH's application for the daytime power increase) impossible to bury
 > the ground radials. They lie atop the rock, which is very close to an
 > ideal insulator. This situation results in an efficiency of 57.41 mV/m
 > @ 1kW,

Wouldn't an elevated ground system give WNSH better results? Is it just 
an Old Wife's Tale that eight elevated ground wires, a counterpoise if 
you will, may come close to the 120-wire buried ground at a good site? 
Of course the granite soil beyond the ground system will still result in 
lower efficiency at WNSH, but wouldn't that be true at Marblehead as 
well - until one reached the salt water?

BTW, the FCC is again updating CDBS data and Larry uploaded new data for 
AMSTNS and TVFMSTNS yesterday. CDBS data had been stuck on October 11 
until yesterday.

bob carpenter

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