Howie's big announcement related.

Bob Nelson
Sat Oct 27 10:23:55 EDT 2007

Howie Carr was indeed on Phantom Gourmet today...the "big announcement" was Howie talking about restaurants with BIG portions (Common Man;
Luigi's in Wayland; Michael's Deli in Brookline--sandwich named after Howie

Dan Andelman: "Where you been Howie?"

Howie: "I've escaped!"

...and that was it! Howie just doing a guest shot on
"The VIP Table" (he also recommends Bickford's for
breakfast: "YOU'RE GOING TO BICKFORDS!" he would proudly
say after giving out gift certificates. Howie says he
hopes to be back on the air soon...)

And that was the BIG announcement. Guess we were suckered... :)

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