World Series not on WEEI tonight

Bob Nelson
Fri Oct 26 12:23:47 EDT 2007

WRKO's site made it clear only games 1 and 6 are on WEEI--Wed. rule still in effect. Otherwise WRKO.
WEEI doesn't come in as well at my workplace though I did hook up a mini-boombox tuned to 850
(came in half decent) then used one of those mini-FM transmitters so my co-workers and I could
hear it on our personal radios. When the game is on WRKO there is no such problem.

Evidently it was a lot more important that WRKO not pre-empt Michael Savage on Wed. night. Far be
it for the alleged flagship station of the Sox radio network to actually run game 1 (or game 6)
of the World Series. (for the record, opening day and home opener were on BOTH stations)

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